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DARE Speech Pathology provides assessment and treatment services for school-aged children and adolescents aged 5-18 years.  Our speech pathologists have experience with literacy intervention and assistive technology tools.  

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We combine evidence-based assessment and intervention programs for literacy disorders with knowledge gained from our own clinical experience and the needs and preferences of each individual student and their family.  

We aim to increase our clients’ love of learning by helping them to access text in different ways while building functional literacy skills.

Dyslexia testing Brisbane

Dyslexia & literacy screening, assessment and treatment.

DARE Speech Pathology is a  literacy and assistive technology clinic in Toowong, Brisbane. We have a special interest in dyslexia and other reading & writing difficulties.

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DARE has moved! 


We're now located at:

180 Moggill Road

Taringa  Q  4068 

Our new number is: 0431 438 625